Transformative Projects: Showcasing Our Software Development Prowess

Innovative Marketing Research: Integrating Bayesian Statistics and AI

We developed a pioneering marketing research platform, utilizing Bayesian statistics, conjoint analysis, and Generative AI. This platform has been extensively validated by hundreds of global clients, enhancing their capabilities in hyperlocal marketing. Learn more at

Advanced Visualization Tools: Raising the Bar

Our custom visualization product transforms PowerBI functionalities, elevating them to compete with Tableau. It further integrates Large Language Models to refine data interpretation and visualization. Discover more at

Enhanced Customer Data Platform: Integrative and Intelligent

We engineered a sophisticated Customer Data Platform that incorporates PowerBI and Generative AI APIs, alongside training of LLMs (both fine-tuning and RAG) for advanced journey analytics. Visit for details.

Diverse Industry Impact: Mortgage, Real Estate, Fashion, and More

Our expertise extends to multiple sectors, including mortgage analytics, real estate, and fashion. We have collaborated with various startups and companies, creating tailored solutions that drive industry-specific advancements and innovation.