User Instruction Manual

How to Proceed from here?
1. Type the topic you are interested in.
2 You will see a list of relevant Facebook and Instagram interests, select the ones based on volume or relevance as you like
3. On pressing the "I want to try these" Button, you will be redirected to a screen where your selected intersts will be displayed.
4. You can add to them by typing more interests in Search bar , more interests will be displayed and you can click on "I want to try these" to add them in your experiment
5. Targeting table allows you define your targetings by selecting "Audience Attribute" and "Filter" "Filter again" buttons
6. Then select the Facebook/Instagram campaign parameters like Budget, City or Pincode for targeting and campaign objective
7. In the end we have 2 options Basic targeting which will create only 1 audience (adset) or mathematical model which will create multiple audiences ( adsets) as a statistical experiment
8. Choose the appropriate one and start